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The periodontium consists of hard and soft tissues that support the teeth and maintain their position in the jaw. This includes gums, jaw bone, teeth socket and periodontal ligaments (ligaments that attaches teeth to the bone). The periodontium has many functions which includes attachment of teeth to the jaws, acting as shock absorber and maintaining the teeth in stable position.
It is important to maintain healthy periodontium otherwise it may lead to many dental problems such as loosening of teeth, bleeding gums, receding gums. Plaque accumulation on teeth may lead to gum issues which if not treated will lead to pockets around the teeth causing periodontal problems. Professional teeth cleaning and polishing followed by regular brushing and mouthwash will solve most of your gum problems. Therefore, it is advised to do professional teeth cleaning and polishing once in every 6 months so that advanced periodontal treatment is not required.


Dental Paradise has solutions to all your periodontal issues such as:

>>Bleeding gums
>>Receeding gums
>>Bad Breath
>>Pockets around the teeth
>>Periodontal abcess
>>Swelling of gums
>>Loosening of teeth due to periodontal condition
>>Gums pigmetation

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