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Root Canal Treatment is done to remove the infection of the root canal of the tooth and filling it with a medicated filling followed by a Crown (Cap). Get the complete oral health with our Root Canal Treatment in Wakad Pune.
Our dental clinic is a holistic dental care center that facilitates proactive care for your teeth at affordable prices in neat and clean surroundings. Our clinic is a customer friendly that is very well equipped with the latest machines and tools, here you get the Best Root Canal Treatment in Wakad Pune.
We offer advanced preventive and conventional dentistry at affordable prices. We have a specific methodology wherein we try to provide our patient's complete information regarding the treatments offered. We firmly believe and act upon providing high-quality Root Canal Treatment in Wakad Pune.


What leads to a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal is a natural cavity within the center of the tooth which is filled with the soft pulp tissue and sensory nerves. When this root pulp is infected or inflamed, the root canal treatment is advised.
This Root Canal Treatment in Wakad Pune helps you to save the tooth from extraction and prevent the infection from spreading to the healthy tissue around the infected tooth that may sometimes lead to the formation of an abscess. Neglecting the infected tooth can spread the swelling to the face, neck or head. It also affects the bone around the root tip. It helps to restore the natural tooth.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment
>> Retaining your natural tooth.
>> Maintaining oral hygiene with regular brushing, flossing, and antiseptic mouth-washing ensures the restored tooth to last a lifetime.
>> The success of RCT is usually 95%.
>> With the restored tooth, it is difficult to differentiate from the rest of the normal teeth for an onlooker.
>> A root canal is the best option to restore a decayed tooth.
>> Retains the chewing efficiency and aesthetics.
>> The other alternative to a root canal procedure is - tooth extraction and replacement with a bridge, implant, or removable partial denture - to restore the chewing function and avoid drifting of the tooth enabling proper bite.

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